Closed Circuit Television, more commonly called CCTV is an essential part of modern security provisions for businesses,  public locations, educational authorities and more.  With it becoming an increasingly prevalent and cost effective technology to employ it can now be found in many locations and situations that were previously not cost effective to cover or too hard to access.
At Exell Technology Ltd we can offer you the professional installation of CCTV packages tailored to your unique requirements. We are able to design, install and support a wide range of systems which can include traditional analogue cameras, newer HD systems or the latest 4k Equipment. Along with the required infrastructure to support it which could be the reuse of your existing system, new cabling in either coax, twisted pair or cat5e/6e. For larger sites or where cabling is not an option it is possible to use point to point secure wireless links. 

Another major aspect of CCTV is the recording of footage. This used to be done with VHS tape but has progressed to digital recordings which offer a higher quality recording with longer recording periods. With a typical new HD DVR having a storage capacity measured in terabytes it is quite possible to record several months worth of footage onto a single machine. The type of machine required will vary for every application but we are more than happy to advise on the style and size of recorder you will require.